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‘Drugs during dinner’ Tackles addiction with committed conversation

addiction might not seem normal dinner time conversation, but for the campaign “most dinner”, is the menu.

Jamison Monroe, co-founder of the Organization, and also the founder of teen rehabilitation center Newport Academy, told HuffPost Live on Friday that the group tries to shed the stigma from the speech, a danger that “prevent people from [s] from a conversation, but also get treatment.”

“We want everyone, from children to grandparents. –the people who have done a lot of drugs, people who have never touched drugs before, people who want to reform politics, people who like the status quo, people who want legalization, people who want to increase detentions-we want everyone to sit around the table and have [a discussion], “Monroe said.

The mix of divergent opinions make for a dynamic and productive conversation, he explained.

“It is very fun to have these dinners, but at the end of the day, at least we are having a discussion. I love having dinner parties where people have conflicting points of view, because then hopefully we can have some form of progress and you can hear what the other side because there is a personal story of a lot of this. “

While currently three years sober, Christina Huffington, a member of the Organization, told HuffPost Live that she wished she had resources that drugs over dinner provides while she was battling addiction.

“A conversation about drugs or about addiction was something I never experienced it until I had a problem, and I think that is a great goal of conversation over dinner-drugs include everyone, even if they have a problem, or [if] they are not going to have a problem,” he said.

Valuable as the discussion was in his recovery process, so also has the prospect of helping others.

“[Was] kind of amazing to see just how many people you can almost touch it, or you can get with sort of a, just being honest,” Huffington said.

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Hawaii to raise smoking age to 21

HONOLULU (AP) A bill that would make Hawaii the first state to raise the legal smoking age to 21 cleared the Legislature on Friday and is headed to the governor.

The bill would prevent adolescents from smoking, buying or possessing both traditional and electronic cigarettes.

“It’s definitely groundbreaking legislation,” said Jessica Yamauchi, executive director of the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii, which pushed for the bill. “It’s amazing to be the first state in something. That’s very exciting for us.”

Gov. David Ige hasn’t yet decided whether he will sign the bill, and his staff has to vet all bills for legal issues, he said.

“The departments will be doing their review and then we’ll have the opportunity to look at it,” Ige said.

Those caught breaking the rules would be fined $10 for the first offense, and subsequent violations would lead to a $50 fine or mandatory community service.

Dozens of local governments have similar bans, including the County of Hawaii and New York City.

According to the State’s Heath Ministry, 5 600 children in Hawaii try smoking each year and 90% of smokers start the habit before the age of 19 years. Meanwhile, 1 400 people die of smoking or exposure to Hawaii each year, according to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

“Today, we have the opportunity to change the paradigm,” said State Democratic Senator Rosalyn Baker who introduced the Bill.

The prevalence of smoking would fall about 12 percent if the minimum age of smoking increased to 21, according to a report by the Institute of Medicine, which is part of the National Academy of Sciences.

The favourite flavours in adolescents who use electronic cigarettes are sweet tart and “vomit-Unicorn, which is described as a combination of each flavor to keels in one,” said Baker.

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Beyond the current model of professionalism

While the American legal system has many virtues, it also has obvious flaws. One of its main failures is access: most of us in America can not simply afford the help of a lawyer who is often needed to navigate the landscape complex of the Act. This under-representation is particularly true in the field as the family’s immigration law, foreclosure home or social benefits, where there is no outdoor pot of money that a lawyer of emergency can yo devolved on his. Statistics vary, but in most important such cases, State after State, people hoping for a just result come to court unrepresented, without the help of an expert they need to obtain justice. Many do not bother to come to court at all. Similar gaps appear in non-contentious processes such as the formation of the small business, and litigation of social benefits and estate planning.

Commissions, reformers and critics tore their hands on this reality for decades, but the problem has only worsened, notwithstanding worthy efforts like legal aid. It is time to be honest with ourselves. This crisis of representation is not an aberration. Is a structural feature of the professionalism lawyer system we have built, and it won’t go away until we build another way to deliver the benefits of the Act to the people who need them.

Professionalism of counsel, as we know it today, is not a terrible thing in itself. We set high qualifications, education, admission and led prosecutors and wrap their role in the State and burden of responsibility package call us a lawyer. Then, we give people in this package a monopoly on the provision of legal services and save this monopoly with a set of restrictions on investment, geography and advertising.This arrangement was an advance in its day, acting as a reform in versions less structured and rather rude of the bar which is passed to it. That day, however, appeared at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, and its Sun. The mere fact that we must recognize is that the economy of this arrangement have always left the less affluent behind, and we need to repair this failure.

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How to support a transition to be loved

Bruce Jenner, the former Olympian who became a reality TV star, has revealed that he is transgender Friday in an interview with Diane Sawyer awaited.

“Yes, for all purposes, I am a woman, useful” Jenner said on “20/20.” ABC ‘people look at me differently. They see you as this male ‘macho’, but my heart and soul and everything I do in life, he was part of me. This feminine side is part of me. It’s part of who I am.”

Social support, including their relatives, is an essential aspect of healthy and happy transition for many transgender people. And, simply by identifying proudly as transgender, Jenner has paved the way for a national dialogue which is more open and accepting of the transgender community. For example, a discussion on the use of the correct pronoun was a fundamental element of the show. (For the record, Jenner said that he would like to be referred to with male pronouns for the moment.)

Kardashian family members showed their support for Jenner. At an event in New York City Friday, Kim Kardashian explained: ‘We always support each other. Our family is super-supportive of everything that we do and you know we’re gonna watch the special tonight and support Bruce and watch it with him tonight.”

Much of Sawyer’s interview focused on family and tolerance. “This is a family love story,” she told colleague George Stephanopoulos before the interview was shown.

Early in the interview, Jenner said that he and his family would “change the world.”

“Today, millions of people learned that someone they know is transgender,” GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis told HuffPost Voices.

But even with the best of intentions, many people are products of a less inclusive history and can struggle to properly express support.A lack of sensitivity and misconceptions about gender identity can lead to a perpetuation of the stigma and feelings of despair, according to Christine Milrod, affirmative therapist transgender and a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

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Drexel University sends 500 acceptance letters, which he would not have

Philadelphia (AP) – hundreds of students who have received acceptance letters from Drexel University in Philadelphia now said they were sent by mistake.

WTXF-TV ( Drexel University reports mailed letters to nearly 500 people were already denied admission or had incomplete applications.

Tearra Bookard indicates the station, she received her acceptance letter from three weeks after she was denied admission.

17 years of West Philadelphia high primary school said that she told friends and family the good news only to receive a seven hours later email notification of the error.

This is not the first time Drexel got the hopes of applicants to the top.

In 1994, the University has sent letters of early acceptance to 25 students mistakenly. The University reminded students to tell them about the error.

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Report finds some colleges have a Shakespeare requirement for English majors

NEW YORK (AP) as Shakespeare said: “We have seen better days”.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni found that less than 8 percent of the country’s best universities require higher English to take a course focused on Shakespeare. The study, “The cutToronto cut: Shakespeare in exile 2015,” revealed that only four of the 52 highest ranking of universities and colleges by US News & World Report of the nation have a Shakespeare requirement.

Michael Poliakoff, Vice President of policy for the based in Washington, D.C. called Council and lead author of the study, the results “a terrible tragedy”.

Cheap water bottles is with sadness that we consider that this phenomenon”, said by telephone. “Really makes us suffer the loss of an entire generation of young people that would look to a college or University for guidance on what is great and what is of the highest priority.””

The report was published on Thursday in what is believed to be Shakespeare’s birthday in 1564. Comes a day after the new musical “something rotten!” opened on Broadway that mocks The Bard as a thief of Word rump-shaking.

Schools that still call for Philologists to study the Bard are Harvard University, Wellesley College and the University of California-Berkeley, United States Naval Academy.

The report notes that philologists tend to be future teachers of English and many will graduate without studying in depth largest writer of the language.

“The Bard, which is the birthright of the English speaking world, does not have any seat of honor,” the report said. “A degree in English without serious studies of Shakespeare is like an important Greek literature without the serious study of Homer.”

The report concludes that many universities are minimizing the classics for the survey of courses that introduce various styles of thought, as the Duke University “alien creatures and Cyborgs” and “literature, food and the Racial American diet” at Princeton University.

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Nun in Uganda was educated at 2 000 girls victimized by Joseph Kony

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe – nun who threatened to Stephen Colbert’s punch in the face – does not hesitate to make statements “BOLD” of influential people.

Nyirumbe, the Director of the couture daughters of St. Monica centre, visited AOL Build Monday to discuss how his school helps young women who have been victims of crime by the resistance army of the Lord (LRA) in Uganda.

During the interview with Penny Abeywardena, Commissioner of the Office of International Affairs, N.Y.C. mayors Nyirumbe was questioned about his next meeting with Francis Pope, and if the teacher wanted to pass a point in religious figure.

“You know, when we talk about gender-based violence, that is those suffering most? Women, “she replied. “Gender-based violence. the victims are mainly women. We must all work very hard make stop violence against women and children in the world.”

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe speaks during a Build series event in New York City on Monday, April 20. (Photo: Damon Dahlen, The Huffington Post)

Nyirumbe — who received AOL’s first Global Citizen Award during her visit to Build — was in New York City ahead of her participation in the Women in the World Summit this week.

Throughout the past 15 years, St. Monica’s Girls Tailoring Center has helped more than 2,000 girls and young women — many of whom had been slaves and trained as child soldiers by the LRA, Nyirumbe explained to Abeywardena — in receiving an education.

The center is unique, as it’s the only school in Uganda that accepts both girls and women who’ve been victimized along with their young ones, according to Nyirumbe: “We are promoting [both] mother and child education.”

Many of the girls who return home from being held captive by the LRA are shunned by their families, Nyirumbe said.The LRA has forced many of them to “commit atrocities” against their own communities – even mandating that they kill their own family members, she told HuffPost Live – and the lasting shame prevents victims of assimilating back into their villages.

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100 minutes-old newborn is the youngest organ donor in the United Kingdom

The youngest organ donor in the United Kingdom is reportedly a newborn baby lived only 100 minutes.

According to the BBC, newborns were donated Teddy Houlstons kidneys and heart valves in the minutes after his death. Ended in his kidney to save the life of an adult with kidney failure.

He lived and died a hero. His are impossible to explain how proud we by him, his father Mike Houlston, from Cardiff, Wales, daily mirror said.

Teddy baby died on April 22 in the past year. The news of his organ donation arose only this week.

Every donation is inspiring. It is a selfless Act of heroism, said Paul Murphy of the national health service blood and transplant levels. But Teddy’s story is extraordinary. He was the youngest organ donor in the UK.

Teddy, a twin who allegedly had Anencephaly, a condition in which a baby, no parts of the brain and the skull is born. His brother, Noah, survived and is a healthy child.

Teddy’s story: Jess and Mike’s time of grief that was a selfless Act of heroism #TeddyStory

Daily mirror (DailyMirror) 23 April 2015

Earlier this year the Telegraph reported that a six-day old baby girl 2014 had donated kidneys and liver cells on two different people after her death in a London hospital.

It was probably the youngest organ donor in the UK. -The feed and its contents are the property of the Huffington Post and use is subject to our terms and conditions. It can be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed, on a site.

12 things every introvert wants understood

Nice articles, books and lectures to one side, introverts, or those with the type of personality called “quiet”, still can feel misunderstood in a society that champions Extrovert traits such as connectivity without stopping.

We gather information from experts and the responses of social communities in The Huffington Post on the biggest sources of misunderstanding of introverts. Below are some things wished that all understood about the type of personality.

Photo credit: Jasper James via Getty Images

1. don’t hate a good party.
Introverts are not a lot of clumsy spoilers who do not want to have a good time. Indeed, many of the introverted enjoy go to parties if it means to interact with people that make them comfortable.

What can be so irritating about large gatherings is overstimulation and unsatisfactory talks.Laurie Helgoe explained in his book, introvert power: why your inner life is the hidden force, introverts feel exhausted by a small talk and prefer more intimate conversations.

“” Let’s clarify one thing: introverts do not hate talk because we don’t like the people, “wrote.” “We hate talk because we hate the barrier that is created among the people.”

2 craving for downtime does not mean that they are anti-social.
Introverts need time to recharge, but still want to be with your friends after you have engaged in that time alone. They are not anti-social; they are selectively social.

“Just because nine times every 10 decline the invitation does not mean that I want to stop inviting me”, said reader Carolyn Mae Ladas on Facebook.

3. they are not open books (and that is perfectly fine).
Introverts rarely cano was the first thing that comes to mind.This quiet reflection is a hallmark of the kind of personality and is quite the opposite of their extroverted counterparts, speaking her thoughts quickly and affirmatively.

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Florida Scientist finds promising treatment for deadly citrus disease

The race is on to find an effective treatment for citrus greening, a ruinous disease that has decimated the citrus industries around the world and orange world production to the lowest levels seen in generations.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars looking for a cure – and the University of Central Florida said Associate Professor Swadeshmukul Santra perhaps found one.

SANTRA solution is a bactericidal spray of zinc that he called Zinkicide; It addresses citrus greening by targeting the bacteria that cause the disease. Because these bacteria live deep in the wood of the tree, targeting demand of chemical structures small enough to penetrate the upper layers. SANTRA developed Zinkicide are using nanotechnology to make its particles smaller than a microscopic cell, and it has already shown great promise in the treatment of canker of citrus, another nasty disease.

Swadeshmukul Santra may have saved just juice orange to become really, really expensive.

The Orlando Sentinel writes that Santra first synthesized Zinkicide in 2013 and is now testing on lemon trees in clumps in all of Florida, which is zero for the citrus greening in America epidemic point. The USDA has allocated $4.6 million for the tests, which will include 13 researchers from six different institutions across the country. Although the testing process is set to last five years, Santra told the Sentinel that the effectiveness of the Zinkicide become clear within two years.

Zinkicide, it is one of many potential therapies researchers are studying for citrus greening, which is also called huanglogbing. A group of scientists from the University of Florida experimented with treatments of hot steam that cooks up on bacteria, while the other tries on another chemical bactericidal, benzbromarone, which has long been used to treat gout in humans.

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