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This small Midwestern College is challenging each student to ask the big questions of life

Approximately 70 years, Nathan Pusey, President of Lawrence University, noted that other colleges across the country have been presenting the course explores the great works of literature with an eye toward starting a great conversation – a conversation that would go to the heart of the great questions of life and involve students not only through all the years of their education, but after the graduation. That is, for the rest of their lives. He decides to create its own program and make the pillars of education of Lawrence. The two trimester class, he invented in 1945 and named Freshman studies combines the studies of science, music, art and literature, encouraging all incoming students to participate actively in a discussion on what constitutes a good and useful life.

Located in Appleton (Wisconsin), Lawrence University is a private, college of liberal arts with a little more than 1,500 undergraduate students.And solar stirling plant continues the tradition of the first year of studies at a time when the value of an education steeped in the Humanities is constantly questioned and scrutinized. In this cultural context, Lawrence maintains that a classical liberal arts education can serve as a point in the college experience and the life of each student.

Lawrence University

The name ‘studies Freshman’ may seem generic, but the program is filled with a changing and multidisciplinary list of books, films and musical works that encourage students to explore the big questions in life in a deep and significant way.

What is the good? What stirling plant solar means to have an identity, and how can we find it? What is our place in the world as human beings, and how our natural environment affect us they? How are we as individuals affected by society?

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10 food trends annoying that must end now, immediately, Pronto

When positive habits comes to food, we are not hard to please. Ask someone. We’ll eat practically anything that falls within a few yards of our mouth.

So when we say that were no hungry longer to a tendency of food, you know theres a big, big problem. We have partnered with Mucinex, the brand that is all about to end the misery in your life, to call the most obnoxious trends.

You’re on notice, chefs. Put an end to these trends. Put an end immediately.

Kale creep

Mistake: Karine is a beautiful green thing. When were in the mood for vegetables, we turn to kale. But recently, we noticed that Kale is everywhere. We cannot take a bite of a chip or a nibble of a cupcake without tasting. We are concerned where positive habits will turn up next. Our birthday cake? Our toothpaste?

Stop the spread now – before positive habits is too late.

Juice cleanses, AKA the method liquid to slow starvation

Did not need juice to purify their bodies. A body is a giant, trash compactor with a self-cleaning of the market function. It is literally the cleaning of your home while you read this. In addition, spoilers: person does that lose much weight because, during cleaning, the metabolism slows down to a crawl. Instead, the juice to clean just made everyone is incredibly grumpy. With hunger.

Makes us grumpy. He left.


In the old days pumpkins are released around the holidays, usually in the form of delicious pie. Now we have beer pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin pasta latte and, somehow, spicy pumpkin foie gras mashed-potatoes.

Store pumpkins in our pies, our soups and our front stoops. Nowhere else.

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MOM, am I beautiful?

My 9 year old daughter slinks in my Office. Instacash niche keywords articles is the night before the dreaded spelling the words test and as usual we are now considering. She is fighting quiz with a few as I she reluctantly. I hand back the list and suggest that articles niche keywords instacash take a few minutes to learn before we proceed. In one graceful motion, nods to her, her long brown hair behind the ear, leans forward and takes the paper from his outstretched hand.

I return to my desk and type on my laptop. My mind is racing with all the things I have to work; the spelling list is not one of them. I flash on when I was a kid. My mother never asked me, but I’m not my mother, and she is not me.

My light-brown-eyed beauty has stopped, check their words, and I can feel, form a question. I look about them at. Her forehead furrows and she debates, if she should utter the words out loud.You deeply snuggles up in the Chair that once graced her nursery by the familiarity of her rocker brought with them.

“Felt Mama, you are not beautiful at all?”

I take my chair around to face her one million thoughts cross my mind at the time. What is the appropriate response? Why is instacash niche keywords articles me these questions? Someone said she is not beautiful? Is it based on other natural measures, their value assessment? In the simplicity of the spirit, or a 9-year-old, only they want, whether I have felt never nice?

As I turn my attention and Chair, against them I fight answer to the question. The first words that I say will affect them. I answer it honestly.

“Yes, I’ve felt most not beautiful.”

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Teacher Steven Stark missing loved ones ‘ fear the worst ‘

The family of the missing master Florida Steven Stark is deeply concerned by his sudden and unexplained disappearance.

“Everyone is just sick of nerves”, said Tracey Carol Merrill, the former wife of Stark, The Huffington Post’s sister.

According to Merrill, family members last I knew of Stark, a Professor of 62 years old in Citrus Cove Elementary School in Boynton Beach, October 20. That day, reported sick to work the next day. On 22 October, when Stark went to work without calling, he was notified of his family.

“Authorities went to his home to check their well-being and all natural urticaria relief found was his cell phone at the desk,” said Merrill. “Nothing out of place. His clothing was not missing, [but] the truck wasn’t there and natural urticaria relief was gone.”

On Tuesday, Adam Stark, son of the missing teacher, told WPBF would be out of the ordinary by his father to take off without notifying anyone.

Natural urticaria relief is always on time,” said Adam Stark. “He is a very punctual person. In 30 years, he has never not called or showed [at] work. “

Adam Stark did not respond to a request for additional comment from HuffPost on Thursday.

Merrill called Steven Stark “sarcastic”, “fun” and “ingenious”.

“He always has a smile on her face,” he said. “[It is] full of laughter. I remember one time where it was always in a bad mood or raised his voice in anger. He is a good guy.”

The only clues to the disappearance of Stark are several transactions with debit cards that police said took place in St. Johns County this week, most recently at a Publix supermarket on the afternoon of Wednesday.

“Our detectives confirmed that he was using the card and not with another person,” Kevin Kelshaw, spokesman for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s office, told HuffPost.

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What your phone company is not telling you when you sign a contract

When you sign a cell phone contract, youre not only agreed to pay thousands of dollars in a few years to AT & T or Verizon. Youre also signed away their right to sue the company or participate in a class action lawsuit against it.

If the cell phone provider you systematically charged more or non-delivery, say, his promise of “unlimited data”, its only recourse – if not the Government – forced arbitration, private negotiations between the company and the customer where a non-judicial party decide its fate looks. Normally, the process is stacked in favor of the giant Corporation.

Forced arbitration clauses have become widespread in recent years and there is a
buried in AT & Ts terms of service. Its why the Federal Commission of trade, non-customers, only sued AT & T for allegedly slowing down Internet speeds on smartphones of customers – even when customers complained about the practice for years.

AT & T is not alone: the four other largest Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular cell phone carriers have also forced arbitration under the terms of service.

Policies are directed mainly to restrict the clients of class action lawsuits, but also prohibit customers from mobile carriers to carry almost any type of court, except claims court, familiar to most Americans as the setting for the Tribunal of peoples; just the place for demanding justice against corporations billions of dollars.

Buried in these contracts from AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile are the clauses that take away your right to sue

T-Mobile is the only one to have an “opt-out” forced arbitration policy, but must be completed within 30 days of activation to make internet business factory valid.So before that he applauds the company for a progressive policy, consider the probability that someone who just bought a new phone would have also forecast to be considered the best legal strategy against potential have bought the phone of the company. If a customer had actually planned to become entangled in a legal dispute with the company about a purchase, not probably just avoid doing business with that company.

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Medical Ebola should guarantee a return to the USA

WASHINGTON – The Chairman of the Foreign Relations of the Senate African Affairs Subcommittee invited the United States to ensure that all Americans going to West Africa to fight against the Ebola virus guarantee the right to return to their country of origin, trying to push back on some of the calls from his colleagues for a prohibition of travel in the region.

Senator Chris Coons (D) – told The Huffington Post that cure plantar fasciitis foot was important to make sure that Americans are not discouraged to go to West Africa to treat Ebola patients. Instead, cure fasciitis plantar foot should receive medical care appropriate to the United States, if necessary and receive compensation for the loss of their time at work if cure plantar fasciitis foot need to be quarantined.

“The only way we can truly protect Americans here at home. is to continue to work hard to fight against the Ebola virus, where it is exploded by now four West African countries where it has taken off and where he threatened tens of thousands,” he said.”So only by getting more Americans and citizens more international to volunteer as doctors and nurses and workers of health in West Africa have we any hope of curvature of the curve of the infection and to contain the Ebola in West Africa.”

The Coons comments come as a growing number of Governors have self-identified Ebola quarantine policies that go beyond what medical experts have asked. President Barack Obama has answered some of the panic and overreaction by making a point to publicly embrace the health workers, assisting in the hot zone of West Africa.

“We don’t want to discourage our health workers to visit the front line dealing with it in an effective manner”, Obama said Tuesday. ‘Need to ensure that we continue to bring the support of caregivers who go abroad to cope with the disease where it really is raging.”

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National school choice week is right-wing Propaganda

Here we go again. As happened in the last year President of the national school choice week is in the last two days I received emails of Andrew Campanella. This organization has described incredible range due to its partner companies and political donors, as shown below. I posted a similar piece a year ago.

We refute the school-choice lobby of the democratic way-through the exchange of this response in the Americas via Facebook and Twitter.

Dear Mr. Campanella:

Please don’t send me your cheerful emails. I’m not buying, what you sell, and to tell you the truth, I’m asking me, how you can operate such a scheme without a sense of shame. This answer I am publishing, because I hope that other principals, teachers, and families will not fall for this sneaky marketing ploy.

She offered me a free box delivery to use to “Celebrate National School Choice Week”: 24 fleece yellow scarves, posters, postcards, banners and more – free.I don’t even shipping must promise to pay you. I suppose you expect me, drape the scarf around the shoulders of my student, hanging a banner from my school, posters in the neighborhood and send postcards to my friends and colleagues.

She hope I will “. help reduce National School Choice week the biggest, most incredible celebration educational opportunities in history.”

Really? Or hope that your work, promoted conservative, forces in America, the decline of public education in America will accelerate anti-Union, non-progressive and anti-teachers through most? I am proud to acknowledge the generosity that supports my progressive school.Are you not proud of your support? Why your site no information about who you really are, and who funded the emails, scarves, banners, posters and other “Accessories”?

My research shows that your support of places such as American legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) comes. ALEC financed the Koch brothers, Big Pharma, and some of the predatory companies in America. Much of your support to media matters for America, dating back to the Gleason Family Foundation, which also the discredited lobbyist Morris, shill paid for them. Their support comes from FreedomWorks, a right-wing organization which shares Grover Norquist hope to reduce Government size, where could. drown human anatomy physiology course in the bathtub

Eye-opening ads show what it’s like for children with learning and attention problems

According to the National Center for learning disabilities, one in five children have attention issues and learning.

These two PSAs give parents a glimpse at what is in the minds of their children with learning problems and attention. Ads Show parents asking their Siri-esque smartphone assistants questions about their children’s problems with school and learning.–only to be continually misunderstood and gave answers to completely different questions.

“Because Connor is having trouble focusing in school?” a mother repeatedly asks, getting answers like “Find the lowest airfare to Istanbul” and “looking for the best potatoes.”

Another set of parents ask their smartphones on their daughter Sarah’s problems with reading and receive a slew of responses, from “information about hot water heating”, “music of the world. Currently playing track now.”Exasperated, Sarah’s mother eventually asks,” why are you not always me? “

This is when the ad is clever ploy reveals: “I was trying to show how Sarah feels every day. Frustrating, isn’t it? “

The two PSAs are part of a campaign to promote, a comprehensive web resource to help parents of children with learning and attention problems and help develop their children.

As you read the description of the video, “this campaign comes from the idea that parents can feel when their children are struggling but may not know why. Or what to do. Proving the fact that children with learning and attention problems muscle building bodybuilding expert face on a daily basis, the campaign aims to increase the number of parents who are actively helping and seeking help for their children. “

Adweek H/T

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Social experience brings two stereotypes Campus face to face

“Is truth six abs weird to be proud of your stereotype?” a student of the University of Montana asked as part of a new social experience of the student newspaper, the Montana Kaimin.

The Kaimin brought together students and staff of the University of whole academic, sporting and social stereotypes. Dressed to represent their professed archetype, abs truth six encountered their supposed “in the face”. Met major forestry major activity, the Baker met Professor of nutrition and the President of the University met the guardian.

Pairs were filmed as truth six abs have each other, and trade that followed showed good sides of humanity with praise, encouragement, identification and interest. In the end, the participants learned of their opposites – but they also learned to embrace a little of themselves.

Watch the video to experience and discover the full functionality of the Kaimin.

Live with a degree of risk

In this letter, the United States has only the Thomas Eric Duncan a few confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD), including two Texas nurses, maintained.

Many questions, “how this can happen in the United States? How were these nurses exposed, if we have standards for protection?” What we now know is that distributed personal protection equipment and for the treatment of Duncan; But even with the best intentions, accidents can happen.

We also know that some cases of Economic Affairs in the United States does not contribute to a health system to do that have failed.

And we have yet seen, that a public outcry against the very health systems, to protect us against this danger for health. Ebola is a virulent pathogen that causes severe clinical symptoms without proven vaccine or effective treatment.The virus transfers but not in the form of aerosol: italian truth abs is passed from person to person by direct, close contact with body fluids. And there are tried and tested mechanisms for disease control, tried and tested in many settings, including the various African countries have been.

The Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) has recently came under fire for transferring economic affairs with the two Texas sisters who treated Duncan. At a congressional hearing held on Capitol Hill, a number of representatives the CDC blaming not the adequate training and support for State and local medical facilities.

Few remember the fact that the Federal Government, including a federal agency like the CDC not direct monitoring or of jurisdiction over State preparedness and response, in particular at the level of privately owned and managed hospitals.According to the Constitution keep state officials the primary guide for all activities, which does not specifically as by the Federal beauftragte– including the control of the public health.

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