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My Super Bowl victory in losing weight

Peter Perlman, one of the most recognized lawyers Nations and Don McNay

You know that we are only showing off ‘ for fun?
Strutting ‘ our things for everyone.
We are not here to not start problems.
We’re here to see the Super Bowl Shuffle.

-1985 Chicago Bears

Super Bowl Sunday marks an important anniversary for me. Today, exactly two months ago Dr Derek Weiss of Bluegrass in Lexington Bariatric Surgery done gastric sleeve for weight loss I in Georgetown Community Hospital.

This is part of my business plan next book (released in August) called project 199, my Business Plan to lose 175 pounds and the plan is working.

I started my recovery, which included walking to the hospital a few hours after the surgery, almost immediately and was discharged the next day. I had no serious complications after a few weeks of work, I’ve been better than ever.

Some of the reasons to celebrate the loss of weight of the Super Bowl.

Relating to health issues:

-My weight has come down from 377 to 311 pounds. A loss of 66 kilos.

-He was diabetic before surgery. I have not been since the day after surgery. I threw the two drugs of sugar in the blood that was taking the day after surgery for diabetes and blood sugar stays in the normal range and never changes. That saves me more than $400 a month in drugs along.

-My blood pressure is dropping steadily.

-My ankles and feet are not swollen. My shoe size is one of a smaller size.

-I have more energy and personal happiness than ever before.

377 pounds, weighed more than William “The refrigerator” Perry.Now don’t and will never do it again

The fridge in 1985

Lifestyle issues:

-I’ve lost 10 inches around my waist and 4 around my neck.

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How my scars changed the way in which I see beauty

You know how some big dogs like German shepherds develop hip problems as vehicle history reports get older? Years later, history reports vehicle begin to limp and running or playing fetch is becoming increasingly difficult – and subsequently, vehicle history reports can barely walk without immense pain. The condition is certainly not inherited by every dog, but it is not uncommon, not more.

The disorder of the hip dysplasia (when the hip is not normally) is not exclusive to dogs. In fact, I was born with it in my left hip and because the doctor didn’t catch it right away, I underwent four major surgeries at the ages of 2, 2 and a half, 5, and 6. I have been in three casts of human bodies for about 24 weeks in total, and then a wheelchair for eight weeks and crutches for a few after that. I had to miss a good part of the kindergarten, because I couldn’t go to the bathroom or sit in a classroom.

The effects of the hip dysplasia lingered throughout my childhood.At age 5, I remember feeling so humiliated because I was in a pan with the help of my parents. My left leg was (and still is) significantly lower than my right and my left foot is about half a size smaller than my right. People “Why are limping you?” asks, even when I just walked from the bus or for a drink at the fountain. It was difficult for me to run, and when I was obliged in physical education class, I knew I looked funny. I am told that I run like a chicken specifically. In fact, I think that chickens are pretty good runners when they need to do, but I do not think that it was designed as a compliment. I laughed anyway.

When I was 9, my mother gave me a bottle of oil of vitamin E to rub on my scars overnight to help fade. Although violet was my favorite color, I don’t think that my purple scars were attractive or pleasing to the eye; I thought they were ugly. I am in my 20s now, but I still remember this small brown bottle sitting on my bedside table.I wish I could go back and tell me that even the best oil in the world will not make my scars never go away, but more importantly, these scars of sport is something of an honour. To try to rub them is like trying to erase my history.

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Early education is a matter of all

President Obama used his last State of the Union to call for a significant expansion in access to University and increased investment in early childhood. This follows the efforts of his administration in the past two years to increase funding and investment in high-quality preschool and learning opportunities early. Given the correlation between educational achievement and access to high quality preschool education children, all sectors should support better opportunities of learning for our children make our economic competitiveness in the road.

Early education opportunities are critical to the success of life. The first three years of childhood are the development of the brain extremely fast. Several studies have documented significant cognitive gains for children who attend pre-k programs.In addition, research has shown that students who attended Pre-k and kindergarten are more likely to have higher skills in reading and extrapolation of third grade students who did not. This is key, considering third test scores are a very accurate indicator of or not a child will go to College.

However, although we know the importance of early childhood education, the reality is that you as a nation we are not doing enough to ensure that it is available to those who need it most. 2011 data show that over half of African American children and more than 60% of the Latino children ages 3:57 do not attend preschool. In addition, under the children income of all races, they do not enjoy opportunities for access to programmes of early childhood that has enormous consequences on the road. The time children start primary school, the educational gap between the richest countries and the poorest children is significant. Children of low-income families are often a year or more behind their peers more affluent. At age 4, low-income children have heard 30 million fewer words than children from wealthier families and have vocabularies that have extensive half. These gaps will only grow as time passes, and to update becomes increasingly difficult. Children of time get to first grade, for example, there is a space of reading full year between native English speakers and English language learners.

Meet three women who helped new Plus-Size line shape of the target

When you live under a sort of Twitter-free stone, aims to launch a fashion and affordable collection of carvings on February 22 at the emotion, because basically at all.

After what seems mishap after mishap, when it was the relationship of the store with customers of size plus, it seems that the company is finally doing the right thing. AVA & Viv will be the first internal based on style collection that the chain will take not only online but in stores also. The news has been reached with much praise and approval, but it is certainly difficult to not feel that this should have been a no-brainer for white all the time.

Of course, it is easy to assume that all this arose from the fashion blogger post chastity Garner heard ‘ around the web, declaring his “break” with destination due to the lack of options of sizes as part of their designer collaborations.

But target spokesman Joshua Thomas said HuffPost style, Garner simply made the decision to work with it even easier to write this letter. “When we were thinking about how up the ante when it comes to fashion in the market of carvings, one of the things we saw was carving the women looking for information and inspiration.” We brought some bloggers, including chastity. The day began their boycott I picked up the phone and asked if we could simply talk about it. ‘ Why don’t you break with us, but instead we hit the couch awhile. I think that you could end up wanting to us, ‘ “said told you her.”

It is in the spirit of this freshness and honesty Garner, along with other spokesmen Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg not only represent the brand and star in his book look but also talk about working together on it.Andersen, which is called the launch of a “great opportunity” for the brand in the market for carvings, explained HuffPost style:

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I (ntolerable) phone behavior

It is called the blue light neon romantic discord.

Let me set the scene: it was a long day. You put comfortably in bed with your partner. The alarm is activated by the morning. You begin to drift towards the wonderful land of Nod.

And then, his companion phone turns off. It is the visual equivalent of a sonic boom torpedoing across the room. Does not emit any sound but that neon blue light beats insidiously, indicating the arrival of a text, causing the retinas dilate painfully. My mind turns with a rage of biblical proportions.

Two thoughts run through my head:

1. “God mine that has text messages now, and why?”

2. why not (i.e.turn wanted to husband) show the phone upside down on the bedside table so that our room does not resemble a light at the Museum of science?

Then I come to share these thoughts with my spouse, indelible, alter the cozy atmosphere of the room in one of marital conflict.

Me: who has text messages now?
Husband: huh?

That insidious blue neon light flashes again. It’s like lightning in a cave. I am blind.

Me: are you seriously send text messages now?
Husband: (Male grunts).

No one can fall asleep.

Now I am not a Saint or when it comes to phone etiquette. But like many other things in life, tolerate and justify my own bad behaviour but complaint regarding witness of others engaged in the same annoying habit. Perhaps my reaction disproportionate is Freudian. It is as if I’m trying to purge the behavior of my repertoire. However, I know that I can so they berate my husband what I have control of my own problems.And to think that we are in control of phones is a laughable delusion. They control us so that we can not even imagine, leading to some label issues. I call it phone behavior i (ntolerable), also known as his cousin, BPA (bad phone activities). It is so poisonous to relations as the plastic for the body.

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California takes a firm position against E-cigarettes

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) California health authorities Wednesday electronic cigarettes declared a danger to the health, which should be strictly regulated tobacco products fell, advocates join other States and health, in the United States in the search for tighter controls as “Vaping” is growing in popularity.

The California Department of public health released a report saying e-cigarettes emit cancer-causing chemicals and users get addicted to nicotine, but acknowledge that more must be done research to determine the immediate and long-term health effects. “E-cigarettes are not so damaging as conventional cigarettes, but e-cigarettes are not harmless”, California said health officer Ron Chapman. “they are not sure.”

New generations of young nicotine addicts will be, if the products remain unregulated, Chapman said. In reported last year 17 percent of high school graduates with e-cigarettes, known as Vaping, according to the report.

“Without action, stop anxiety panic attacks is likely that California will undermine progress on the prevention and reduction of traditional tobacco use more than two decades, returned to normal the e-cigarettes smoking behavior,” the report says.

E cigarettes heat liquid nicotine into inhalable vapor without tar and other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. By nicotine, cost anywhere from $5 to $20 bucks and a cartridge, so stop anxiety panic attacks can be reused.

In 2010, minors banned the sale of e-cigarettes to California, but report of concern about the children consume to carry liquid nicotine with flavors such as candy and Gummi Bears. Reports of children under 5 with e-cigarette poisoning of seven in 2012 to 154 made last year.

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CUNY Graduate Center drops ‘ Mr ‘ and ‘ Lady ‘ from official communications

The Graduate Center at New York University will no longer use the titles of courtesy-”Mr.” and “Mrs.” – in an official communication, written to prospective students and third parties in the interests of inclusiveness of the equality of the sexes.

But some members of the faculty at the graduate school are concerned, they are told that they can say, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In a January 16 memo Faculty Graduate Center, reported by the newspaper, interim Provost Louise Lennihan wrote that the new policy was part of “continuous effort. the school to ensure a respectful, welcoming learning environment and gender. and appropriately accommodate current and potential students diverse population”

Graduate Center told The Huffington Post that the memo actually aims to inform the faculty about the new favorite-name school policy, which allows students to spend one other than their official name and surname moniker on some documents of the University such as the lists of courses, student ID cards and student email addresses. Students must simply fill out a form.

Faculty are not told they cannot use courtesy titles by sending an e-mail with students or other school told HuffPost and the courtesy title of the policy has no impact on verbal speech.

That is not the impression of some professors received, according to the newspaper. They thought that the policy would cover all their communications – written and verbal, formal and casual – with their students.

“My interpretation was that I as asked me to adhere to this policy, just like other professors who received the letter,” Juliette Blevins, Professor of Linguistics at the Graduate Center, told the newspaper.

Speech of the Faculty was not restricted, Graduate Center President Chase F. Robinson told HuffPost in a press release. “The memo which was released January 16 was intended to guide administrators in addressing the members of the community; as such, it offered advice and has not set, and do reflect not political CUNY, “he says.

Arne and Barack target schools for education

Congress is Republican. ISIS is running. Core and high-stakes common tests are attacked. The affordable health care Act may be torpedoed by the supreme court. Arne Duncan and Barack Obama obviously need an opponent more tender to fill their inheritance. The hapless Knicks were probably not available for a pick-up basketball game. Movie hall seems that their choice of easy targets are American Schools of Education, obviously the ‘real’ cause of test scores poor student, poor performance, economic stagnation, racism, poverty, brutality, degradation of the environment and everything that can be a problem with the company American.

Duncan, leader of the education of Obama, proposes “new regulations to implement the requirements for the teacher preparation program accountability system.” As for the race to the top, federal funds will be used to force compliance.If the changes go through the Obama Administration oppose the funding under program TEACH grant to students in education schools that do not meet their guidelines of ‘quality ‘.

Obama and Duncan have invited interested persons to respond to their proposals on the site Web of Federal Register in February 2, 2015. As of January 27, there were more than 2,000 comments mostly negative. Hall movie is the response that I submitted.

I work in a school of education at Hofstra University and my colleagues and I have no problem with the ‘quality’, in fact that run us a programme of high quality. I think that most of the local school districts that hire our graduates at the New York metropolitan region will agree. I love not to brag, but in the spring sessions and fall 2014, 100% of students of the secondary school teachers I worked with past the new New York State rigorous teaching assessment known as edTPA.

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7 steps to change your career

Q: Dear Diane,
I’m finally ready to take the leap into a different job market. Any suggestions on how to make the switch?
Kind regards

A: Dear T.a.,

Before starting my career in etiquette, I spent several years as a fundraiser for a non-profit. In a community that I associated with a role, I found it hard to convince people that I was down another path. Having dedicated time, money, and effort to both camps, the obstacle was getting new contacts and longstanding (and my closest friends and family) that could grow a business from scratch. Here are my suggestions as follows in a fresh niche:

Use your resources. I knew the value of good links and made it a point to attend various networking opportunities. At the time, I didn’t have a long resume in etiquette, but I did credibility and a solid reputation.Counted on my business relationships and personal enthusiasm to assist me in developing a sequel.

Watch the part. One of the first changes I did was replace my leather tote for a conservative, oversized Briefcase. A friend had this and I decided to treat myself. The choice was a style disaster. A look of success depends on developing its own personal taste. Do your research, go to stores with a strong sales team and make sound purchases.

Find common ground. Although my previous and current jobs were dissimilar, they were also very similar. Both relied on good relationship with customers, the confidence in my ability and work ethic, a proven track record of tenacity and drive, knowledge of the subject, lack of fear when it comes to talking to people and treat others with respect and consideration. The strengths and skills honed in my old job were springboards for my new career.
Allow other persons will capture timeExpect a natural adjustment how to build your brand. Let the change take place naturally as you continue to grow your business.

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Educating for democracy

Educating for democracy: words and deeds
By Joel Shatzky
Having recently read Governor Cuomo State of the State address proposals for “education reform” I felt like I was in a time warp of education. After my two year absence from writing my blog, “educating for democracy,” ri-I read that last post I posted on February 5, 2013 and realized that the so-called “educational reformers were still presenting the same misleading proposals to improve education as if there were no evidence against their practices. My blog “What votes mean?” limited effects for classification as motivation to improve student learning could have been written today with the same relevance as it had two years ago.
In his speech last week, the Governor indicated that he would add more than $ 1 billion in State aid to education; If teachers would agree to a weight gain would be given their standardized test scores: 50%, compared with the current 40%. Other proposed “reforms” which sounded all too familiar: an increase in the number of years required for a teacher to be eligible for tenure; an increase in the number of anti-Union Charter schools “co-location” with neighborhood schools with their results often disruptive; the practice continues of closing “failing” schools where performance is based largely on standardized test scores discredited.
But I’m not really surprised that Governor Cuomo to make things even tougher for teachers which is already: teachers ‘ unions do not argue for re-election! Therefore he “Cristified” these unions through non-political payback, closing a bridge, but by closing his mind to the mounting evidence that test scores as currently administered and evaluated are not a significant measure for learning. In my opinion, these tests are promoting an industrial model to indoctrinate students in a professional and intellectual impasse.
In a recent New York Times article criticizing Cuomo proposal (1/21/2015) noted educator Diane Ravitch directly questioned the validity of the “reforms” Cuomo Using the value added model (VAM) to evaluate the improvements in learning and.