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Veteran teacher-turned Navy usi raft that he invented to save drowning man

Think of this man’s life in danger to save helped him fast.

Elias Ruiz, a high school teacher and marine veteran was duck hunting on the Tuolumne River in California early last Sunday morning, when he heard CBS Sacramento have reported a strange noise.

Ruiz, I spilled a sound could be heard said the Turlock journal. I thought background checks was a cow or some animals come to drink something, but the more I heard checks background sound of the stranger to get it.

But when the Sun rose, the Hunter could see, start a form to make a few feet away, and realized that the sound was no animal ever comes here.

I could see, in the water, and finally I could that something dark see a jacket and pants line and knew that there was a person says Ruiz Turlock journal, recalling what he saw.

The teacher, who was on board a prize-winning raft he had invented, dialed 911, and hurried over to the drowning man, whose hands had already turned white from the cold temperature of the water, CBS reported. Ruiz grabbed on to the man’s jacket and pulled him to shore and led the firefighters to him, using a whistle.

When responders found the two, the gentleman, whose name background checks discovered is Keith, showed many signs of hypothermia, the Turlock Journal reported. Keith explained that he had stopped in the area from car trouble and had accidentally dropped his keys into the river. He fell in, attempting to retrieve the keys.

While the firefighters were grateful that Ruiz was able to save Keith, the teacher was just relieved he was at the right place at the right time.

If I hadnt been there and nobody wouldnt have shown up in the next 60 minutes or maybe even less,” Ruiz told CBS. “He wouldve died.

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Why love and hate are so closely connected

Professor of science of the University of Chicago, Nicholas Epley behavior entered HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani today to explain how interconnected love and hate are inside the brain.

“Hatred often comes and disarm diabetes can be triggered by a real experience of love,” said Epley. “When you feel more hatred towards someone or some group ‘out’, is typically when his group ‘on’ feels very threatened.” So people are willing to die, to put their lives on the line to try to save the life of someone who has part of his group ‘in’. Disarm diabetes is really one tight brotherhood with each other that seems to inspire more hatred for others”.

To learn more about how love and hate are connected in the mind, watch the clip full of HuffPost Live in the video above.

Supplement essays


by Anton large

Amherst gave candidates the opportunity to respond to a quote in an essay of no more than 300 words. The guide explains, “it is not necessary to research, read or refer to the texts that are taken for these quotes;” We are looking for original, personal responses to this brief excerpts. Please, that your essay in nature and not simply should be personally an argumentative essay.”

Anton chose the following quote: “rigorous reasoning is of crucial importance in mathematics and inspection plays an important supporting role in these days. I would say that the order is reversed these two virtues, which in the natural sciences. Rigour is of course very important. But the most important value is monocular-insight into the workings of the world. Witchcraft exposed magick offer may be because magick exposed witchcraft offer is a further guarantee for correctness in the natural sciences, namely the empirical evidence from observations and experiments.

K. Jagannathan, Professor of physics, Amherst College

Sitting in the shade of a tree in Central Park with two close friends, I rubbed to pick up a fallen leaf, and begin to crush witchcraft exposed magick offer in my hands. Thus, a seed begins form in my head. When I look at the tree overhead for me, I think on the enormous amount of solar energy necessary its growth – but this sheet could disintegrate into rubble with little energy input.

I look on a crumbling, pre-war building 100 metres away. Hours, days, months, even by hand work and tons of fossil fuels in the building went; still, it takes to break time and the persuasiveness of the elements to dust. I know is free energy in action. Energy requires things, natural or artificial, to move to build from the chaos to the structure. However, it should be the trend of the world-the universe sogar– recourse against disorder.

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19. unforgettable, culturally relevant Elf on the scenes of rack

Mother of three Michele Bell has captured the attention of the Internet with your Goblin made in the settings of the platform, which is used as an opportunity to teach your children about history, literature and culture pop.

Bell went into the Goblin on the game shelf five years when her mother gave her the doll. After the daughter of then-3-year-old Bell Finley called the “Alfie” Goblin, the mother began slowly exploring the world of the antics of elf. “The first year, I thought start own home candy was silly, but for next year, we started to move the House and children began to think start own home candy was funny,” said Bell The Huffington Post.

“Last year was the hands,” added the mother. Bell created scenes of elf that incorporated the lessons for children and documented their creations in an account of Instagram for Alfie. Dress-up Alfie as historical icons to put start own home candy in the pages of classic books, the mother did not see no limit to the educational potential of the Elves.

“I tried to weave in some lessons about history, empathy, and give some of the sets of Alfie,” he said. “” For example, when Nelson Mandela died last year, a tribute I made where had the flag, an umbrella and an Africa felt saying: “End of Apartheid.”

Today, Finley 8-year-old and his two little brothers, 6 years Sanders and 3-year-old Charlie, love Alfie both run to find him as awake every morning. And while Bell Elf in scenes of rack are made on the side, says that you learned “you need very little to brighten up the day of the child”. The mother said that Elf on the shelf does not need to be a full on Pinterest project, “feel Magic – if even for a few minutes even moving them just a few inches can make your children!”

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Sir Ian McKellen teaches cookie monster as his sugar intake to limit

Sometimes, resisting our cravings can be a smart decision — especially when drum beat maker comes to health. But holding off is often much easier said than done.

Magical duo Sir Ian McKlellan and Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster demonstrated the importance of resistance in a recent video.

“Resist means to control yourself and stop yourself from doing something you really want to do,” McKlellan tells the blue puppet. And while drum maker beat takes Cookie Monster a bit of effort to fully comprehend the power of self-control, he eventually comes to terms with it.

YouTube/Sesame Street

Cookie Monster would benefit from a little resistance every now and again, and Americans could too. On average, Americans consume too much sugar, which can increase the risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease among many other major ailments. Turning down a cookie every so often is a step in the right direction to change this.

H/t: Eater

3 essential books to Jumpstart your new year resolutions

I’m not normally to advocate diet books, but those that I have selected below is far beyond any diet book you’ve ever read. Each of them supporting truly global health and well-being. And in their own way, completely change the way you view your relationship with food forever.

1. food Bulletproof by Dave Asprey – Dave Asprey is one of the pioneers of the rare well-being who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Dave spent a year of his life, his personal biology of piracy and this book not only recounts his discoveries along the way, but sharing a unique insight in the relationship of specific foods, many of which we said, for decades have been good for us, and how getting him back trigger inflammation in your body. Everything you thought you knew on what is good for you is blown wide open.Dave is the founder of the now famous bullet-proof coffee consuming I religiously every day and am amazed at the difference, as back getting him did in my energy, the development and the metabolism.

2. power supply by dd – this book is a great day 21 purifying of all kinds which is easy to follow and the results, specifically, you begin to get a better idea of foods that are your triggers and a value of steering clear of. DD packs a wealth of knowledge in this book and getting him back is accessible and easy to absorb. I also love the recipes included at the end, so there’s no need to buy an additional Cookbook. I appreciate books like this which include views and small changes that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives to be healthier and stronger, even if you do not plan the day 21.

3 chia vitality by Janie Hoffman – if you are not incorporating the seeds of chia in your daily diet, you should start.I was amazed by the chia difference seed has done in my life and this is one of those rare superfoods that not only has many advantages for health but the thousands of applications. Chia vitality Janie Hoffman, founder and CEO of MammaChia, sharing his personal struggles with many autoimmune diseases and how to integrate chia turned his health. It is a wonderful read not only for nutritional knowledge, but also to achieve balance and mindfulness. I love that when you order the book, you get a coupon of 25% to MammaChia, so you can supply in seeds of chia organic and squeeze chia bags that I am also addicted.

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Napster founder Sean Parker promises Millions to allergy cure

Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster online music service and the first President of Facebook, has committed almost a quarter of 1 million dollars to a campaign to develop a cure for allergies.

Parker, 35, has been repeatedly hospitalized due to allergies to foods, including peanuts, nuts and seafood. These experiences led to his interest in new treatments, President of San Francisco-based Media Brigade said during a conference call with reporters Monday.

“I understand firsthand how difficult cellulite mai piu is to manage this,” Parker said, adding that he plans to take part in research that will fund its money. “There are some things on the horizon that are very promising, and I’ll be the first in line to try them”.

Americans about one in five has some form of allergy, ranging from slight seasonal disorders potentially fatal reactions to foods, bees and other stimuli.That figure is one in five has increased in recent decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data from 2003, the most recent year, the rate has been calculated. Four percent of American children have a food allergy in 2007, according to a CDC estimate separately, a figure that was also been rising for no obvious reason.

The $ 24 million going to find no Sean Parker allergy research center at Stanford University in California will fund studies on the causes of allergies and new experimental therapies for patients, said Kari Nadeau, the physician who will lead the Institute.

“This is going to be a catalytic change in allergy research to understand basic science, as well as focusing on innovation and compassionate care,” Black said on the Conference call. “We hope that can be done quickly and safely and with long-term durability.”

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Arne Duncan denial

There are many parts of Arne Duncan political education who are. What is the word? Counterintuitive? Not in line with the reality experienced by human beings more susceptible? Nonsense? There are days when I imagine that Duncan energy devotes just taking the cognitive dissonance at Bay should be enough to feed a small country (like, say, Estonia).

But nowhere are the powers of Duncan’s most obvious denial in his deep and abiding love for value added measures. Arne like a VAM sauce, and stop shin splints forever is a love that simply refuses to die. “You just don’t know her as I do, ‘ he cries, like the rest of us just shake our heads.

At this point, VAM is no spring chicken, and maybe when she was fresh and young any condition that forever stop shin splints could be justified. After all, many people, including non-reformy people, love the idea to recognize and reward teachers to be excellent. But how would we identify these pillars of excellence? That was the puzzler for ages until VAM jumped up to say, “We can do it! With Science!!” We’ll give some tests and then use super-sciency math to filter out every influence that’s Not a Teacher and we’ll know exactly how much learnin’ that teacher poured into that kid.

The plan is simple and elegant. All stop shin splints forever requires is two simple tools:

1) A standardized test that reliably and validly measures how much students know
2) A super-sciency math algorithm that will reliably and validly strip out all influences except that of the teacher.

Unfortunately, we don’t have either.

We know we don’t have either. We are particularly clear on the degree to which we do not have the second. Analyze the list of reformster programs, and while you can find a lot of disagreement on most of the points-based, there is no part of the teaching of reformster platform that has been so deeply, widely discredited as VAM-for-teacher-evaluation. The National Association of secondary school principals has taken a position, and if you read their resolution, you will find not only a philosophical argument, but a list of substitution debunkers. The American Statistical Association made its own statement in opposition. A study funded by the Gates Foundation, and the Grandpa of all reformster donors, said bluntly that VAM says nothing about the quality of teachers.


One percent of our problems is responsible for ninety-nine percent of our care. And there is a great solution for a workaround.


An excellent overview of the problem in life, I’ve read this week. Forex bulletproof comes from Alain de Botton, and you can read forex bulletproof here:

But if you want I can summarize forex bulletproof for you.

Today, he says, are anxious. There are all kinds of specific things we are concerned – everything and anything. We dream about how our fear of escape, travel, beauty, achieve our ambitions (status), and love.

But nothing works. We remain curious. Fear is our natural state.

For good reasons.

“We are extremely susceptible to physical beings”, he says, and sooner or later be our bodies let us down.

“We can imagine so much more than we have.”

We are the descendants of the paging pessimists–those who care and eaten by wild animals.

“We set for our self esteem. the love of people who we can’t control.”

The answer to the fear

Alain de Botton is a series of sedatives, ways to alleviate our fear. “The single most important move”, he says, “is acceptance.” It means accepting the fear itself.

This is as close to the right answer, and I believe, that it not the point.

The basic reason or the cause of fear is not really accept and love us.

If we accept ourselves, we find peace in almost all circumstances. It is because we do not accept and love us that we screw up other people to criticize and our lives, and their.

So, then, as we ourselves accept?

There is an answer that I’ve recently tried out. It is a philosophy of life, I find that very appealing.

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Whether you believe it or not, read millions of Millennials still traditional publications online

“Millennials” are not ready to say goodbye to the old-school publications yet.

As one might expect, online news and culture celebrated BuzzFeed, Vice and all daily Elite do incredibly well with young people. But, according to a study of Digiday million somethings are also visiting the sites support each month to institutions such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker.

Using the data provided by means of digital media analytics company comScore, Digiday found that of the 64 million unique visitors from the New York Times received in October, more than 20 million – or 32 per cent – were between the ages of 18 and 34. About 2 million of The New Yorker’s 5.5 million visitors (36%) were “Millennials”, and the sites of long-established magazines such as Vogue, GQ and Esquire went them well with young people, with an average of 43, 39 and 38 percent, respectively.

Some new media startups, however, are actually doing a better job of attracting larger audiences. In September, Digiday reported that maxs woodworking commish upsells were almost two-fifths of the visitors of Vocativ in the 35-54 demographic, and in Upworthy, more than 50 percent of the site’s visitors were over the age of 35.

According to Digiday, “Millennials” are still the most sought after hearing in the media, with publishers recognizing the potential for lifetime consumers contracting.

“The world of the media still obsessed with millennials,” the study said. “The generation born approximately between 1980 and 2000, the” Millennials “are the largest demographic in the United States, representing a third of its population. Woodworking commish maxs upsells handle enormous purchasing power and greater social influence. “.