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Teachers Union Leader weighs for Democratic candidates for President

The country’s largest teachers Union is not ready to pass judgment on their favorite presidential candidates, but the process of making competitors work for the blessing of the Union is underway.

After meeting with three of the four Democratic presidential candidates, Lily Eskelen Garca, the President of the National Association of education, believes “absolutely” education issues will play a major role in the upcoming elections.

“Because much of the educational policy, more than any other time in our history, has come from the federal Government in the last two administrations, is going to be an issue that is on the table: what are you doing to improve the teaching and learning?” Garca told The Huffington Post on Thursday after meeting with presidential hopefuls Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders.

Garca separately had interviewed former Maryland Governor and current Senator from Vermont on Thursday as part of the NEA approval process for the 2016 presidential election. Last week he met Hillary Clinton. The complete recorded interviews, which eventually will be available to all members of the NEA, are supposed to help the Organization to decide who should be supported.

The interviews were scheduled once the NEA had sent questionnaires on education issues for all viable 2016 presidential contenders, or had not formally announced that they were running. The three Democratic candidates are politicians just have completed the survey so far.

O’Malley stressed the importance of educating the “whole child”, according to extracts of the meeting by the NEA.

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley meets with the President of the National Education Association Lily Eskelsen Garca on Monday.Photo: National Education Association.

“We need to do a better job of listening to the people who are doing the job. Ive never believed one could make teachers the enemy and expect to improve results of classroom and students, “said or ‘ Malley.” “Increase the frequency of the tests does not necessarily increase the quality of education. We have to be aware of the child, their development, their nutrition, health. Learning is more than just that tests and questionnaires feedback loop”.

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Arianna in a world without Internet

Imagining a world without internet is a mind-twisting exerecise.

For one, it would not be reading this, like Arianna would not have founded The Huffington Post as a source of news online. In this world of internet-less, she would have been forced to Pepper the audience with copies of HuffPost.

A new video offers a glimpse into this alternative scenario, with Arianna among other notable technology entrepreneurs going about their lives in a universe where the world wide web was not created in 1989. Also present in the film is Napster co-founder Sean Parker, founder Steve Case of AOL and founder Martha Lane Fox, all trek through this staggering size where the power of the web was not there to help them to change the world. Is comedian, but also a reminder of the value of a send-off internet network open holds.

Narrated by Stephen Fry, “the world wide what?” marks 10 years of founding and Forum aims to raise awareness for the Foundation of the Web. Founded in 2009 by internet inventor Sir Tim Berners Lee, The Web Foundation works to linking people to the internet and fight to ensure that the web remains a public good. According to his website, he collaborates with more than 160 organizations to transform strategies to bring the open web to billions of people in over 70 countries.

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Sweet baby Jesus! Beer pulled from store shelves over ‘ offensive ‘ name

Ohio grocery chain pulled a beer from its shelves because of its controversial name.

Sweet baby Jesus! is a chocolate and peanut butter from Baltimore-based DuClaw Brewing Co. According to Fox News, Heinens, a grocery chain based in Cleveland, recently decided to stop selling beer after customers complained that the name was “offensive”.

Heinens began selling goalkeeper two months ago. The chain has 22 stores in Ohio and Illinois.

Porter’s sweet baby Jesus! ‘ by DuClaw brewing pulled from the shelves Ohio grocer.

The Baltimore Sun (baltimoresun) June 16, 2015

When you exceed the boundaries and try to get an enthusiastic group, inevitably people will participate to get angry on one side or the other Duclaw founder Dave Benfield said the Baltimore business journal.[Names] does not want to be offensive, not meant to be derogatory we liked the phrase [sweet baby Jesus!], at least to us, is a phrase of excitement or surprise.

Benfield said this is the first time that beer was pulled by a chain of shops. Complaints about the name, however, are not new.

Benfield told the Baltimore Sun that the goalkeeper of peanut butter has been removed from military bases in the past. But he noted that beer often ends up to be replenished after a few weeks.

“There’s a lot more people who are upset that he can’t do it,” said Benfield.

Sweet baby Jesus! beer can still be found in several stores in Ohio. According to the Sun, DuClaw brewing is currently distributed in eight States, mostly in the mid-Atlantic.
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Claims of liquor contaminated dozens of lives in the slums of Mumbai

MUMBAI, India (AP) more than 30 people have died after drinking contaminated in the Mumbai India’s financial centre, according to police Friday.

Praveen Satpal, a local police officer, said 18 people died Thursday night, hours after they drank cheap alcohol in a slum in Mumbai. Dozens others fell sick and the number of deaths had climbed to 33 by Friday, he said. More than two dozen others were treated in hospitals in the suburb of Malad in Mumbai.

Police arrested a man and questioned him illegally brewing and selling the toxic beverage to the working poor in the slum.

Deaths from drinking illegally brewed are common in India because the poor cannot afford licensed liquor. Illicit liquor is often supplemented with chemicals such as pesticides to increase its power. – this feed and its content are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms and conditions. It can be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a Web site.

Bernie Sanders tells us that he do not President Obama ‘First mistake’ when he is President

Then that happened. The podcast this week, we speak with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT.) on how he would do as President about things, discover the joys of hearing Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WIS.) deliver a magic trick, chat with Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) on the life of bill business accelerated after the death and finally, get the details on a law that would prevent US ground troops might be used in the fight against the Group Islamic State.

Listen to this week’s “what happened” podcast below:

* * *

Some highlights from this week:

“The Republicans get away with because no one knows what rid herpes do. No one knows. No one knows who want to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the top two-tenths of 1 percent. “Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT.on GOP intentions) for the attachment of income inequality

“You want me to come clean, and I think everyone has to ‘ confess to a certain moment. So I have to admit that we intended to give grants to every State. “Rep Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) on whether the Democrats for the semantic confusion which led to the Supreme Court case over tax subsidies of the Affordable Care Act

“If you cannot pass a lot of legislation, you gotta do something. So I try to keep this on the side. “Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WIS.) on its tradition of card trick Magic Mondays “

* * *

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How to help Charleston after Church shooting

As the community of Charleston, South Carolina, mourns loss of nine victims who was shot and killed during a Bible study class at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday night, has also gathered together to bring strength and support to those who need it most.

Local authorities, first aid, mental health and nonprofit groups have met to evaluate what community members are in need of support and offering advisory services and collect funds to help the affected families.

Learn more about these groups and how they can help.

Support Crisis responders

Working with the police, SWAT teams, mental health groups and other organizations, Crisis Costa chaplains deploys to the scene of any tragedy in Charleston, when it comes to a family or a community as a whole.After the shooting on Wednesday night, the organization helped usher duel of the families at a local Embassy to establish a command center, helped to gather information to identify the victims and provides emotional and spiritual support, Rob Dewey, founder of coastal chaplains in Crisis, told The Huffington Post. His team of 19 and two chaplains volunteers full time aims to fill the gaps by connecting community members with mental health and spiritual services, and governing Ministers and first aid through our response to the crisis in the process.

More information about coastal chaplains of Crisis and how you can support their efforts here.

Families, members of the community get advice on Mental health

Members of the staff of the Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Clinic (CDMHC) provide psychological and emotional support at the scene of the shooting on Wednesday evening and will continue providing support in the center of family assistance established by the FBI, and in vigils and prayer services, Deborah Blalock, executive director, told HuffPost. Therapy services clinics are available 24/7 for members of the community in its own staff, first aid and need. The Group has also provided to schools and local churches with information on how to respond to trauma and pain.

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6 new and creative ways to enjoy the Fruits of summer

Summer is the peak season for many delicious fruits like strawberries, blueberries, watermelons, peaches and more. With many wonderful choices, is surprising that many people miss out on tasty ways to enjoy all fruits of summer long.

Because the fruits are sweet, many people think of them as dessert only, but fruit can add depth and flavor to salads and main dishes. Sweet fruit can balance the flavors salty, pungent, as the blend of strawberries and feta in a salad, or can mellow the heat of chiles and other fiery spices, like salsas made with mango and Chile peppers.

Less sugar than you think
People with diabetes or who are concerned about sugar intake often think they should avoid fruit fully. It is a big mistake! Fruit does contain no natural sugar, but it also provides fiber, antioxidants and essential nutrients.

Many of the fruits that we think of as the sweetest actually contain very little sugar–for instance strawberries have just 7 grams of sugar per 1-cup serving, so they are lower in sugar than apples, oranges, bananas or grapes (Source: USDA National Nutrient Database). Like strawberries, many other sweet fruits such as peaches or pineapple, are lower in natural sugar than you might expect.

Fresh, raw fruits are a great way to add sweet flavor naturally to your meals: their vitamin, antioxidant and fiber content make them a valuable part of anyone’s diet. Don’t miss out on summer’s best fruits! Here are some fresh new ways to enjoy ripe, delicious fruit this summer.

6 New Ways to Enjoy Fresh Fruit This Summer
1. Salads
Mix spinach or romaine lettuce with sliced strawberries, watermelon or melon. Add crumbled feta or blue cheese and sliced almonds. Toss with 1-2 tablespoons of vinaigrette.
2 sandwiches
Replace the tomato slices on your “sandwich” with thin slices of fruit. Try fishing with the Turkey and dressing spicy ranch or mix sliced chopped grape or pineapple with tuna, chopped green onions and light mayonnaise.
3 dishes
Fruit beautifully full of meat, chicken and fish. Here is a great twist on a summer favorite: Strawberry Salsa Tacos in vinaigrette ginger coriander fish.

How “from the inside” the science of the kids nailed emotions

When UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner attended the Hollywood premiere of the new Pixar movie Inside Outwhich opened yesterday in theaters nationwidehe was thrilled to see children running around the purple (not red) carpet yelling, Im Fear, Im Sadness or I want to be Anger.

Kids typically dont like to identify, let alone broadcast, difficult feelings, including the ones that loom large inside the head of the movies central character, 11-year-old Riley, as she struggles with her familys relocation from Minnesota to San Francisco.

So a movie like Inside Out, which explains how positive and negative emotions can bump up against each other and yet also team up to solve a problem, can be empowering for both children and adults, as Keltner witnessed at its debut.
I hope this movie becomes part of our cultural understanding of what it means to be a child and what it means to be a human being and to grapple with these emotions, Keltner says.

An expert in the science of emotions, Keltner served as a consultant on the film, visit Pixars Emeryville campus a half-dozen times to explain base, Physiology and the purpose of the emotions and the exchange of many emails.

They were really interested in what happens with the memory. My sadness now color my memory of my childhood? Keltner, says.

The ideas that Keltner and his mentor, psychologist Paul Ekman, helped to embody the animation personifications of joy, played by Amy Poehler, anger, Lewis Black, fear, by Bill Hader, disgust, sadness, Phyllis Smith and Mindy Kaling.

Lidiado filmmakers with the purpose of sadness, but Keltner put straight.

In our culture, they were difficult to sadness, but it is a powerful trigger to look for comfort and Keltner, bonding, says.Meanwhile, anger is often about the sense of being unfairly treated and can be a motivator for social change.

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Anthem proposes to buy Cigna for $54 billion

NEW YORK (AP) after getting the cold shoulder, US health insurer Inc. Anthem said it is raising its offer to buy smaller rival Cigna Corp. for $ 54 billion, including debt.

Indianapolis-based anthem said Saturday that it is proposing for $184 action, about 31 percent of that would be in shares of anthem and the rest in cash. The offer represents a premium of Cigna shareholders 18 percent above Cigna closing quote on Friday. He said that the offer represents a premium of more than 35.4% based on the closing price of the share of the 28 may, Cigna when it started negotiations for a merger. The announcement comes as investors have been speculating for weeks about the possibility of a major purchase in a field where the dimension is becoming increasingly critical. Insurers have been hoarding cash from recent quarters strong and doing little to tamp down negotiations for a merger. Last month, there were reports that another rival, Humana, Inc., was exploring a sale of itself. Some analysts predict that the nation’s five biggest health insurance carriers, which also include Aetna and UnitedHealth Group, will eventually consolidate into three.

Anthem said it has been in talks with Cigna, based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, to explore a potential combination since August 2014 and said it made its proposal public because the companies have not been able to come to an agreement. The company also said it has submitted four written proposals since early June, and made previous offers of $174 per share and $178 per share, according to a letter written by Anthem’s CEO Joseph Swedish to Cigna’s board of directors that it made public Saturday. But Anthem said that a big stumbling block has been what role David Cordani, CEO of Cigna, is seeking to have at the combined companies.

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14 bottled water brands that voluntarily recalled because of potential contamination with e. Coli

A bottling plant which is responsible for 14 different brands issued a voluntary withdrawal of the market on Monday after discovering that one of their sources of water of water source tested positive for the bacteria e. coli.

E. coli are bacteria whose presence indicates that the water can become contaminated with human or animal waste Niagara Bottling LLC representative said in a statement. “Microbes in these wastes can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches or other symptoms. “They can pose a risk for health especially for babies, young children, the elderly and people with severely compromised immune systems.”

Memory had affected spring all products water from Hamburg and Allentown, Pennsylvania, Niagra facilities. There have not been any reported injuries or illnesses related to memory, although the company committed to moving its operations permanently. The recall includes all the spring water products purchased between June 10 at 3:00 and 18 June at 20:00the two operations of Pennsylvania and the affected brands are: Acadia, Acme, bigger and better still, 7 – Eleven, Niagara, place of natures, Pricerite, Superchill, fresh morning, Shaws, ShopRite, Wegmans and Western Blue of res. Stores Recalling bottles of water next to Niagara Bottling are Wegmans, ShopRite, 7 – Eleven and Acme.

The affected products have codes starting with the letter F (from Hamburg) or A (for Allentown). The first digit after the letter refers to its number in the production line. The following numbers and letters reveal the day, month, year, and time that the product was completed. A list of batches retired codes case and best dates here.

Niagara Bottling has completed testing of product and you cannot find any pollutants or related topics, but still recommended to boil the water for one minute and cooling to kill any bacteria and other organisms in the water before drinking it or avoid it altogether if possible. That you are offering consumers a full refund of products affected on his return.

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