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So Samsung’s Apple competitors pay works

NEW YORK (AP) last autumn, Apple Apple numbers started to bring mobile payment technology on the iPhone. Samsung now wants to take on Android phones at least those easier.

The Galaxy-S6 and S6 edge phones announced come Sunday with mobile-pay functions. Samsung’s payment services does not until this summer, and will start first in the United States and South Korea. Here is what is known about Samsung pay and how vintage backpacks compares with Apple numbers and Google’s own efforts for Android. ___

Question: How does pay for Samsung?

How will your phone on a retail store type with Apple numbers, customers machine payment. Apple and Samsung phones use a wireless technology known as near field communication, or NFC. The payment machine needs also NFC, something, what many traders do not have until autumn of this year.

Samsung adds NFC technology of LoopPay, a startup that is to buy it.LoopPay replicated the magnetic signals on plastic cards, so retro backpacks works with more dealers. During NFC transactions the phones of fingerprint sensors authorised are can, may LoopPay transactions is still a physical signature required.


Question: vintage backpacks is LoopPay, why bother with NFC and the equipment that brings?

A. as a retrofit for older, magnetic technology, LoopPay has its limits. Some parking and transit fare product calculators must insert a slot to a memory card. Not just a phone with LoopPay can plug into this slot. In some shops, the place for the card swiping is unattainable behind the counter of the customers.

LoopPay is intended as a transition. Bill Gajda, senior Vice President at Visa, says LoopPay helps customers with mobile payment more convenient to get as more merchants will accept. See dealer to make such payments to customers, would be more likely to update equipment on NFC.

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How to beat the bad mood

By Jancee Dunn

Sigh if this happened to you: you’re heading out the door, feeling reasonably optimistic.–your outfit is cute, the weather is sunny. And then, wham! Your husband asks, “why do you seem so tired?” Forgot your phone. Oops, is dead. And now you’re late. Constructs a rotten mood. If you are aware of what is happening, cannot stop it.

Small handbags is probably not much comfort to know that bad moods are having a moment: Americans reported record high levels of negativity for the future in a poll by NBC-Wall Street Journal. “If things look uncertain, there is no doubt that people will be crankier than normal,” says Jair c. Soares, M.D., Director of the center of excellence on mood disorders the University of Texas. By picking up another notch is the amplification of social media (ISIS! Ebola!): “the media frenzy of 24/7 contemporary life makes people even more apprehensive,” Soares notes.

Meanwhile, we are in a less vibrant moments of the year, which you wear on some of us more than others. A study published in the journal Emotion found that weather conditions can make a person’s bad mood worse. Of course small purses helps when someone tells you to cheer up. “You’re not getting any empathy,” emphasizes the psychologist Guy Winch, Ph.d., author of emotional distress, “and that makes you just feel annoyed.”

If reading this upset, take heart: “it is important to have emodiversity-a variety of positive and negative feelings,” says June Gruber, Ph. d., Associate Professor of psychology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. If we’re ever out of sorts, we cannot fully appreciate the sweetness of happiness. That said, nobody wants a terrible day, horrible, no good, very bad. The key to keep small handbags cheery: Squash that snit before it starts.

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Suggestions for high schoolers to read Shakespeare – part 2

Preparing to read Shakespeare

Like athletes briefly in communion with themselves before an event, then we should also compose ourselves for a moment before reading Shakespeare. Say goodbye to the world for awhile and to fend for itself. He climbed without us until they were born, and no doubt will continue long after we are gone.

There is an old saying that the best preparation for life is reading three books – the Greeks, the Bible and Shakespeare, not by responses that give, but by the questions increase. Shakespeare does not give us answers – is too honest for that, but it will give us questions, many, in fact, that we become different people.

If you feel that one person different is bad, I would suggest that you do not read. However, if you’re someone who wants more than”official” life and vocational training, you should not only read his works, but also to make them yours.

If you do that, to mature as a student and as a person. You can even start to adopt the vision broader and more about everything, always maintaining the landscape in mind.

Should I qualify what I have just said, however. Shakespeare offered a type of vocational training. In fact, it is the best in the world for those who want a vocation that is second to none, one that you will have all the time, as well as involving all his powers, and that may even contribute to changing the world – the vocation to become a full human being.

Reading for main Ideas

An act of reading one of his works is like playing a new piece of music of a piano. It is simply an overview to learn how the shape and mood of the score. Sometimes, it can be a lesson in humility, but it is important to collect initial impressions and then go beyond them.

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Top-line questions from mothers about MMR

We want all our children are safe and healthy. Measles is a serious and highly contagious disease, but fortunately, we can prevent it with vaccinations. Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is safe and the best way to protect your child against measles and other diseases.

I understand that some parents are concerned about vaccines. The evidence regarding the safety and benefits of the vaccine is strong and consistent. There is a lot of incorrect information circulating about the measles vaccine, so let’s make sure that we separate the facts from the myths. If you have any concerns or questions, talk to your child’s health care provider.

In the meantime, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions I get:

Is it easy to get measles if you are not vaccinated?

If you are not vaccinated and you are exposed to measles, you have a 90% chance of contracting measles.

We know that measles is highly contagious. It spreads when an infected person is breathing, coughs or sneezes. It spreads as easily as if one person has, nine out of ten of those close to that person who are not immunized will also become infected. You can get the measles while being in a room where a person with measles has been, even several hours after the person has left. A person is contagious from four days before the onset of the rash through four days after the appearance of the rash.

Unvaccinated individuals put themselves and others at risk of measles and its complications.

If a person has not been vaccinated or is not protected by virtue of it having had a case of measles, they can get measles anywhere (school, work, gyms, etc.) and at any time of the year because they can be exposed to the disease by non vaccinated and contagious to people who may have entered or returned to the United States from another country. That is why vaccination is so important.

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NFL is finally ‘ doing the right things with concussion politics

Although the words “Concussion” and “NFL” rarely go together in a positive headline, Hall of Famer Warren Moon offered some words of encouragement for America’s most popular sports league.

“I think they’re finally [making the game safer].” I really think that they are, ” said Moon HuffPost live host Jordan Schultz in the interview Thursday. “I think they are known as violent game had become and how much will avenge these big hits on players were, and they have really tried to make the game safer.” They have tried to make the equipment better and they have guys, not punished in the framework of the rules to play.”

Over the years even Jahrzehnte–the League by most for its lack of rules to protect the player safety, specifically in relation to the head injury mocked. Last year, the NFL has filed a lawsuit with former players for damage which settled related to concussions, although the details of the settlement are not yet been ironed out.The League has to follow a protocol for teams, if a player swinging from suspected concussion is initiated.

Moon, 58, is more than familiar with the effects of concussions. He said on Thursday that he had six concussions over his career of the first, when he was just 11, Pop Warner Football to play. Moon has also seen former colleagues how Junior Seau, Andre Waters and others suffer from their own lives according to the terms of the brain trauma to finish.

“It’s something that I really care, because I’ve seen what concussions did a lot for the guys, those who I’ve played with, and the guys who have played in front of me,” Moon said. “Head injuries are something, what I think the League takes on a much stronger stance, and I’m worried that these concussions are something that are daily come back me and influence me at some point in my life. “So far, so good for me.”

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THE teachers, unionists rally in the middle of conversations

LOS ANGELES (AP) dressed in red and rising signs in the air, thousands of teachers filled a Los Angeles Park Center Thursday in demand of higher wages and smaller class sizes in the midst of contract negotiations stalled.

“Everyone in this country is watching this fight,” said Joshua Pechthalt, President of the California Teachers Association. “It’s a fight about the nature of education. What education is going to look like? ” The rally was the largest yet in the midst of an escalating standoff between the Union and district leaders Los Angeles Unified: United teachers of Los Angeles calls for a pay rise 8.5 percent, cannot satisfy a request for interim Superintendent Ramon Cortines says the district without significant layoffs.

The Union has declared an impasse in February and is set to meet with the district and mediators in March. If the resolution is not yet reached, will convene a panel of a finding of fact.

Though still several steps away, Union officials say they are ready to strike if necessary.

UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl and other Union leaders have visited hundreds of schools over the past few months, talk to teachers and handing out pledge cards. Calling cards to teachers for a variety of actions, from brochures to undertake a strike. About half have been returned so far.

“The vast majority of our members have checked it out, ‘ are you willing to hit? ‘ with, ‘ Yes, I am willing to strike ‘,” said Caputo-Pearl applause and cheers at the rally.

Last major strike urban district was Chicago Public Schools in 2012. This contract dispute centered largely on the role of test scores in teacher evaluations, student.

On the contrary, the contract standoff in Los Angeles focused primarily on the salaries of teachers, class size and increasing the number of members of the support staff such as nurses and counselors.The Union notes that teachers have gone eight years without a pay increase adjustment or cost of living.

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How save lives this former addicts helped release of Christianity

During his recovery from addiction, Kevin Sessums decided to include a walk of the Camino de Santiago, a famous religious walk in Spain, as part of his trip. The experience ultimately, inspired you to get rid of its Christian roots.

The author of I left on the mountain joined host HuffPost Live Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss how believes that drawstring backpack free helped save his life.

“Part of the release of my shame, of darkness, I think that drawstring bag was shedding the good/bad, Dios/evil dichotomy and looking at the photo in a spiritual sense,” Sessums said. “I’m a very spiritual person. but I’m not a Christian. And that has been my salvation. Perhaps some Christians are in their Christianity what I found by freeing drawstring backpack from my life. I think that we are all trying to find the same thing in our lives, and that is to heal.”

See the full clip of HuffPost Live above to learn more about the experience of Sessums with release of Christianity.


The Blues walk

Walk, the radar of all these days above and for good reason. This year the blockbuster, wild, based on the book by Cheryl Strayed from his difficult personal journey on foot, won actress Reese Witherspoon, a nomination for the Oscar. While you do not need to take a 1 100 – mile hike, market is universally understood as a way to help heal the pain, depression and anxiety. It is also a form accessible and versatile workout with profound benefits.

Good for the body and mind
For the Huichol, walking is something physical and spiritual, essential to the health of the soul as the body. Their days systematically include long walks on the mountains and the varying terrain – their corn fields, collect the water and food. During these walks, they are not only out the exercise in the natural elements, they also deepen their spiritual connection with the land. When I brought Don Jos in America, he noticed that no one was outside.”They don’t walk to go from one place to another?” he asked. He was dismayed to discover that everyone took their cars instead.

A powerful tool
You have probably already experienced the benefits of a good walk outside after being locked up indoors. Here are four tips to maximize the benefits of the market and really improve your body and your mind.

1. walking for exercise. The physical benefits of the market inter alia to improve the flow of oxygen and blood, fat burning and activating the muscles of fine motor control which does not get used during jogging or course. Starting a walking program as a daily exercise, using your own level of fitness as a guide. Purpose to be able to walk about three miles per day. Start on flat ground and add slopes and depressions. Try increasing your speed. If you want, you can add weights of the hand stretched out to the top of the body.

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Reconquest of the Liberal Arts in South Africa

If you have that they are lost, I recommend you do it at the top of the table mountain. That is what I did. In the few minutes that had sat down to write down some ideas, my group had stepped in. I don’t have a map, and my sense of direction has been the jokes in my immediate family. So I started to walk.

I finally found a road and next to him a vision and thus a twenty – something engineer named Stefano South African. I was with friends – two Canadian University students who were sofa-surfing in his apartment and asked me what he was doing here. I told him that he was studying history. He scoffed.

That happens a lot. A year and a half ago, I wrote an article about being a student of the Liberal Arts in the environment an intern at my University, and the sense that people think that I am a dog lost with no way home.(In a Word, I think that American pre-professionalism is the result of the vision of tunnel and blind drive towards the “success” that are leaving the young work force without a broader understanding of our place in the social and historical narrative). When I speak of my story, it often feels like talking to a wall of derision: good luck with that, old. So Stefano does not faze me.

But Stefano was a different kind of scoff.

I have come to understand the South African pre-professionalism as a different flavor than its counterpart North American. It is motivated not by raw opportunism, but out of necessity. (At least need to feel or.) Press to send a steady stream of CPAs, engineers and accounting number down the conveyor belt of higher education is not the result of intolerant convenience; on the other hand, is a reflection of a nation that sees itself as many decades behind developed economies and in desperate need of to update.This time to make is the panacea to a century of waiting.

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How libraries are adapting to aid the homeless to find offers, Health Services

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP)-Jeffery Bailey spends almost every day at his public library.

Black leather handbags is not just that he loves books. For 43 years who sleeps in a tent in front of a local church, the library is pretty much the only place you can go that don’t charge for providing security, warmth, fun and useful services.

Many public libraries discourage homeless people from running around all day. “Black leather purses could be the way you dress, so that the hair is,” says Bailey, whose scruffy jeans jacket could use a good scrubbing.

But just like Bailey needs its library, the library needs him: In this digital age, many people who used to depend on libraries can find what black leather handbags need online without leaving your home. Threatened by budget cuts, many public libraries are able effectively to justify their appropriateness, reducing their hours year after year.

At the same time, libraries are more important than ever for those who cannot obtain otherwise related: nearly two-thirds provide only free computer and Internet access in their communities, according to the American Library Association.

In the 25 years since the wing adopted a policy urging full access for library patrons poor and homeless, few have taken this quest as the City Centre’s main library in Nashville, where Bailey comes early every day, standing on a sidewalk ice at temperatures below zero with a half-dozen other people until the ornate bronze doors open.

Once inside, he goes directly to the third floor, where rows of terminals are quickly filled with people carrying bags filled with their worldly goods.

The library recently renovated this section with their homeless patrons in mind, ditching countless shelves of bound copies of “Popular Mechanics” and other periodicals that are now available electronically, and making way for 68 computers and more tables with ethernet connections and power outlets.

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